Community Benefits

Senvion is committed to developing the project in a way that maximises the benefits of the project to the local and regional community while minimising impacts. The Ceres Project will bring significant benefit to the local communities in several ways:

  • The establishment of a $150,000 per annum Community Benefit Fund to support community programs once the wind farm is completed and commissioned, that will be maintained in real terms for the life of the project;
  • Approximately 500 direct jobs during peak construction;
  • 50 ongoing jobs for the 25-year life of the project;
  • As with existing wind farm projects, Senvion is strongly committed to maximising local involvement. Wind farm construction typically has a 3:1 indirect employment multiplier, stimulating considerable growth in local communities;
  • The direct local benefits are estimated at $8 million per annum for the 25-year life of the wind farm.

For more information see Ceres Project Benefits   

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