Development Approval

The Ceres Project development application was lodged for approval under Section 49 of the Development Act 1993 as it is key public infrastructure.

The application sought development approval from the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) for the Ceres Project wind farm.


Development Approval Submissions Response

Following the receipt of all public, council and agency submissions, Senvion prepared a comprehensive Submissions Response Document (SRD) that, together with the Development Application, addressed the issues raised in the submissions. Senvion voluntarily made the SRD available to the public: 

Submissions Response Document (820K)

The Submissions Response Document Fact Sheet (3M) summarises key points.

Appendix A - Ceres Wind Farm Noise Assessment - Part 1 (1.5M)

Appendix A - Ceres Wind Farm Noise Assessment - Part 2 (4.3M)

Appendix A - Ceres Wind Farm Noise Assessment - Part 3 (5M)

Appendix A - Ceres Wind Farm Noise Assessment - Part 4 (3.3M)

Appendix A - Ceres Wind Farm Noise Assessment - Part 5 (1.5M)

Appendix B - Scope Construction and Environmental Plan.pdf (727K)

Appendix C - Vegetation Type.jpg (898K)

Appendix C - Vegetation Condition.jpg (816K)

Appendix D - CFS Fact Sheet.pdf (79K)

Appendix E - CEMF HVDC.pdf (565K)

Appendix F - Planning Assessment Report.PDF (416K)

Appendix G - Planning Assessment Review Report.PDF (472K)


Development Approval

On the 10/02/14 John Rau, Minister for Planning, approved the Ceres Project's Development Application. The Approval is comprised of 54 conditions and includes references to the original application, the Submissions Response Document and the Public Hearing Response Document.

Download the Ceres Project's Decision Notification Form

The Ceres Project Development Approval Fact Sheet


Minor Amendment to Development Approval 

The project sought a minor amendment to the original DA to allow the most modern turbine technology to be utilised, in 2017. 

On the 29/08/17, approval was granted for the Ceres Project’s minor amendment to the Development Approval. This Approval is comprised of 57 conditions.

Download the Ceres Project's Minor Amendment Decision Notification Form


Variation to Development Approval

Senvion’s wind turbine technology has continued to develop and improve, prompting the project to seek a further variation to its existing Development Approval with South Australia’s State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP), formerly known as the Development Assessment Commission (DAC). 

This amendment allows for the latest advances in wind turbine technology to be used on the site and reduces the total number of turbines from 187 to a maximum of 170 (based on a 3.7 MW turbine). If higher generating capacity turbines are selected, the number of turbines will be reduced.

Key Factor                                             Existing Approval      Variation 
Number of wind turbines 187 170
MW rating of wind turbine 3.4 MW 3.7 up to 6 MW
Nameplate MW rating of wind farm       636 MW ~630 MW
Tower Height (a) 93 metres Up to 140 metres    
Rotor Diameter 140 metres Up to 160 metres
Turbine tip height  163 metres Up to 220 metres


Variation Approval

On the 1/08/19, Stephan Knoll, Minister for Planning, approved the Ceres Project’s Variation to the Development Approval.

The revised Development Approval includes a number of conditions that must be met, that relate to the construction and operation of the wind farm and associated infrastructure such as transformers, underground transmission lines and cabling.

Download the Revised Development Approval Project Update

Download the Ceres Project's Variation Decision Notification Form

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