The Ceres Project

The Ceres Project will deliver an estimated 600MW of clean electricity source directly to metropolitan Adelaide. The project will create significant social and economic benefits to South Australia and the Yorke Peninsula region through investment and jobs, and the establishment of a community support fund to support local and regional programs and projects. The direct local benefits have been estimated at $8 million per annum for the 25 year life of the wind farm.

 The Ceres Project will be located approximately 20km south-west of Ardrossan on the Yorke Peninsula and comprises four clusters (northern, central east, central west and southern).

The project will involve the installation of up to 197 turbines, making it South Australia’s largest wind farm. The Ceres Project will have national and state significance in terms of its contribution to renewable energy targets and carbon abatement which include the Australian Government’s 20% by 2020 and the South Australian Government’s 33% Renewable Energy Target .

The Ceres Project involves 36 local landowners and comprehensive consultation with all relevant stakeholders and detailed environmental studies such as flora and fauna, noise and visual impact have been undertaken.

Download a copy of the Ceres Project 197 Turbine Layout Map


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