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Select Committee on Wind Turbines Submission


On 24 November 2014, the Senate resolved to establish the Select Committee on Wind Turbines to inquire into and report on the application of regulatory governance and economic impact of wind turbines by 24 June 2015. On 12 May 2015, the Senate granted an extension of time for reporting until 3 August 2015.

The closing date for submissions was 4 May 2015.

The Following information was provided by the Ceres Project team:

The Ceres Project Submission

Attachment to the Ceres Project Submission


The Following information was provided by the Clean Energy Council:

The Clean Energy Council Submission





On the 17/3 the AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION released the AMA Position Statement on Wind Farms and Health 2014.

AMA Vice President and Chair of the AMA Public Health Committee, Professor Geoffrey Dobb, said the available Australian and international evidence does not support the view that wind farms cause adverse health effects.

“The infrasound and low frequency sound generated by modern wind farms in Australia is well below the level where known health effects occur,” Professor Dobb said.

“And there is no accepted physiological mechanism where sub-audible infrasound could cause health effects.

“People living near wind farms who experience adverse health or wellbeing may well do so because of heightened anxiety or negative perceptions about wind farms.

“The reporting of supposed ‘health scares’ or the spreading of misinformation about wind farm developments may contribute to heightened anxiety.

“The regulation of wind farm developments should be guided entirely by the evidence regarding their impacts and benefits.

“Community consultation and engagement at the start of the process is important to minimise misinformation, anxiety, and community division.

“From a public health perspective, it is important to note that electricity generation by wind turbines does not involve the production of greenhouse gases, other pollutant emissions or waste, all of which can have significant direct and indirect health effects,” Professor Dobb said

Full details on the AMA's website

Approval Fact Sheet


Last month, following a recommendation from the independent South Australian Development Assessment Commission, Development Approval was awarded to the Ceres Project by SA Planning Minister Rau. The approval for the wind farm was granted with 54 conditions. This is typical for large and complex projects. The Ceres Project Team has prepared a detailed Fact Sheet to provide further information on the Approval:

The Ceres Project Approval Fact Sheet

Ceres Project Responses To Issues of the DAC Public Hearing


The Ceres Project has prepared a Response Document to address issues raised by DAC, post The Adrossan Public Hearing (14th October 2013). These issues include Siting of Turbines, Aerial Spraying, Blade Throw, Turbulence, Fire Management, Decommissioning and Rehabilitation, Construction Time-frame & Health Impacts Relating to Noise.

Public Hearing Response Document

New Project Layout and Commitments


Senvion Australia (formerly REpower Australia) is pleased to advise the release of a new layout for the CERES project. This layout addresses issues and community concerns that came out of the Development Assessments Commissions Submissions Hearing process over the last couple of months.

New Project Layout And Commitments

The Ceres Project Awarded Development Approval


Senvion Australia (formerly REpower Australia) is pleased to advise that the CERES Project has received development approval today. We welcome the decision of the South Australian government and congratulate it on its continued leadership and vision in the development of renewable energy for the state.

Media Release: The Ceres Project Awarded Development Approval

500 jobs in pipeline as Ceres wind farm approval given


The State Government has given planning approval to the Ceres Project, a $1.5 billion, 197-turbine wind farm development located between Ardrossan and Minlaton on the Yorke Peninsula.

News Release: Deputy Premier John Rau

New name for engineering excellence: REpower is now Senvion


Hamburg: REpower Systems SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Suzlon Group, the world's fifth-largest* manufacturer of wind turbines, is changing its name as announced: from today, the company will be known as Senvion SE. The Hamburg-based wind turbine manufacturer will now identify itself using the new Senvion branding worldwide.

The company has been using the name REpower under licence since 2001. The rights belong to a Swiss company that is now using this name itself. Both the name and the entire external corporate design of the Hamburg-based company have therefore been changed. Like the green colour scheme of the new logo, the elements of the name Senvion refer to the company's renewable energy operations: the S stands for the sustainability of its products, EN stands for energy, VI for vision and ON for being switched on.

Andreas Nauen, CEO of Senvion SE: "In addition to having unique products and services, we are now also the only company with this name. Our more than 3,300 employees around the world work energetically and enthusiastically to find the best solution for every project. Our customers and business partners can sense that with us they will always come first. This claim is emphasised by the figure "1" in our logo. As Senvion, we will continue along our path as a strong and innovative brand in the wind energy industry."

Media Release: REpower is now Senvion

EPA presents its Waterloo Wind Farm noise study report


On the 26th of November 2103 The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) released its report on the Waterloo Wind Farm Noise Study undertaken during April and June 2013.

Key findings include:

  • Noise from the Waterloo Wind Farm did not breach EPA guidelines.
  • Infrasound levels from the wind farm were found to be below the internationally accepted threshold for perception.
  • The EPA has at no time disputed that the residents of Waterloo have experienced some type of audible experience; however, the study has concluded that this is not related to the Waterloo Wind Farm.

Waterloo Wind Farm Environmental Noise Study

Presentation to DAC Hearing


On Thursday October 24, the Project presented to the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) at a public hearing as part of the approval process for the Ceres Project. 

The presentation to DAC, which details the objectives of the Project and our response to submissions, is now available for download:

Presentation to DAC Hearing

Submissions Response Document (SRD) now available


The CERES Project has made public its Submission Response Document (SRD) as well as an SRD Fact Sheet which summarises the Projects response to DAC,

Response to Submissions

SRD Fact Sheet


Aerial Spraying Questions and Answers


The CERES project has signed an Agreement with Aerotech that ensures that the wind farm will have no impact on the ability for adjacent landowners to continue to receive fixed wing agricultural spraying services without change to service, quality and cost. This document answers the most common questions about what the Agreement means for adjacent and nearby landowners.

Download Questions and Answers

Green light for aerial spraying adjacent to CERES project


A landmark agreement between local aviation contractors, Aerotech Australasia, and the developers of the CERES Wind Farm Project will ensure that aerial spraying services will continue unaffected on adjacent properties.

for more details download the media statement

The Ceres Project Map


A map of the Ceres Project 199 Turbine Layout is now available for download:

The Ceres Project Map

New Detailed Fact Sheets Available


2 new detailed fact sheets are now available:

Wind Farms and the SA Electricity Market

Wind Farming & Compatibility with Traditional Farming

The Ceres Project Lodges Development Application


View Media Release

Updated project information now available


Ceres Project Fact Sheet - 2018

January Information Days


The CERES Project is holding a series of information days to help keep everyone informed about the project, the development application and answer any questions you may have.

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of misinformation circulating and we are keen to let you know firsthand exactly what is happening.

  • Sunday, 13th Jan, 1pm - 4pm, Curramulka Community Club, Main Street, Curramulka
  • Wednesday, 16th Jan, 5pm - 8pm, Port Vincent Bowling Club, Talbot Road, Port Vincent
  • Saturday, 19th Jan, 1pm - 4pm, Port Julia Community Hall, next to the oval, Port Julia

This is a great opportunity to access information about the project, benefit from the real information and facts and register your interest in future business and employment opportunities.

Please note there is a maximum of 25 people per session, with sessions running approximately every half an hour. This is to help ensure public safety, genuine engagement and the opportunity to ask questions of the team.

View the Flyer

Ceres project signs MoU with Rex Minerals


View Media Release

Call for submissions into Aerial Spraying from members of the public in the vicinity of the CERES Project


View Flyer

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