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Senvion is a leading international manufacturer of onshore and offshore wind turbines with over 17 gigawatts of wind energy installed globally.

  • In 2011 the original partnership deal for the Ceres Project was achieved between Suzlon Energy and Local Investors
  • In 2011 Suzlon acquired REpower Systems
  • In 2012 Suzlon Australia was sold to REpower Australia effectively merging the two local businesses
  • In April 2014, REpower changed its name to Senvion
  • In April 2014 Suzlon transferred its ownership of the Ceres Project to Senvion
  • In January 2015 Suzlon sold Senvion to U.S. based private-equity fund Centerbridge Partners LP

The project is now owned by Senvion with no involvement by Suzlon.

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