The Ceres Project is one of the largest renewable energy projects in Australia and the first to connect a capital city to wind power via an undersea cable.

With no overhead power lines, the Ceres Project will bring clean power to 225,000 homes via a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) connection under the Gulf of St Vincent directly into Adelaide’s power grid.

The $1.5 billion project has development approval for up to 197 wind turbines on the Yorke Peninsula, with the first power expected to flow in 2018.

By generating 600MW of clean electricity and reducing polluting greenhouse gas emissions by up to 2.5 million tonnes every year, the Ceres Project will help Australia meet its renewable energy target.

Ceres will showcase South Australia’s status as a global clean energy leader while bringing significant economic and social benefits including up to 500 construction and 50 ongoing jobs.

The international developer of the Ceres Project, Senvion (formerly known as REpower and Suzlon Energy), has installed over 6000 turbines worldwide, including turbines at 9 Australian wind farms

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